Spoilt for Choice?

One of the rewards I give myself for achieving my goals for the day is a few rounds of the game Shisen-Sho on the computer. It’s a simple game of matching the tiles to take them off the board. The goal is to clear the board in the quickest time. It is all about the choices one makes. Certain choices lead to a “stuck” situation on the board, end of the game. You can replay the game, make different choices and clear the board. This simple game reminds me that life is a matter of choice.

From the time we awake in the morning to our last thought at night, we are making decisions and choices. We choose what to eat and how often, which impacts on our health so, in other words, we choose to be healthy or not. We choose what to wear or do we? How much are we influenced by others, the media, our friends and family?

Mario Martinez, author of the book The MindBody Code, talks about how we are put in a portal of middle age. People start to tell us that we are older and can’t dress in a certain way anymore, or exercise the way we used to. Society says we need to slow down and expect to carry more weight. We choose to listen to them or not, we choose to be middle-aged, or not. OK, so age is a thing, a number, but all of us know some person in their advanced years, 70, 80 or older, who defies all expectation and is an inspirational live wire who can do anything they choose with a spring in their step and a mind that is sharp as a tack. Those people do not listen to what others expect of them, they make their own choices to live life their way.

The World is What You Make of It

According to quantum physics, the world is what we make of it. The quantum field contains endless possibilities and we choose which one we want. We can choose to focus on the negative, and expand that, or we can choose to see the positive, sunny side of life, and make that grow. Where ever we put our focus expands, it is about the choices we make.

There is, however, a catch.

You have to live the choice. You can’t choose happiness and then dwell on past memories of hardship and pain. You can’t choose health and then continue to live the same unhealthy life style. You have to walk your talk, put your new choice into action. You have to make the changes necessary to achieve what you desire. If I said you could live a different life but you would have to make 300 to 400 changes in your way of doing things, you would possibly give up before you had even begun. But with one change a day for a year would take you 365 changes away from where you are now. How different would your path be then?

Think about it, one teaspoon of sugar less in your coffee, adding in 10 minutes of exercise to your day, going to bed 1 hour earlier. Each small change compounds over time and may just change the trajectory of your life, from stuck to winning.

You Always Have a Choice

But what if you think you don’t have a choice? I have to work to make a living. I have to take care of my grown up children. I have to go to school. How do I get to choose my life when there are things I have to do? There is always choice. You could choose not to work, not to go to school, but then you are choosing to be destitute or uneducated. Many of our choices are programmed in by society, our culture, our family and we don’t really think about what they mean or if those choices are really serving us or limiting us. Are we choosing to do something because it is the “safer” option or because it fuels our passion for life? Sometimes we can’t even see what the alternative choice would be, so closed off are we by fear. I say alternative, because we tend to label all choices as good or bad, right or wrong. Choice is just choice. What is good for you is bad for another. What is right for someone else may be wrong for you. We can’t judge or be judged by what is good and right for others. Do what is right for you. Make a choice. Remember that NOT making a choice – is making a choice. This life is yours to fight and struggle through. It is yours to celebrate and enjoy, it is yours to create and it is yours to diminish. Nobody can make you do anything. You decide to change or to stay on your same limiting path. Choose wisely for life is fleeting.

I wish you strength to make new choices, courage to change and the passion to keep moving…