Embrace change, without fear.

Welcome to my blog. I have a wandering mind, curious and always busy.  My hope is to catch some of the busy mind thoughts and explore them further. Really take the time to see what each thought holds, what message it brings.

When people ask what I do, I can give them a description of my work as a kinesiologist or a life coach, but the bigger picture would be that I like to help people to embrace change. It is something we resist. It instils fear and dread for many people. Change makes us feel out of control. But if we are not changing, we tend to get stuck.

If I could describe “change” with a picture, it would be of the sea. Everything is moving, changing from one minute to the next. The beach is a place of moving water, wind and shifting sand. It is in constant motion. Maybe that is why so many people love going to the beach. When we are stuck in life, surrounding ourselves with movement enables us to let go and relax. It’s not easy to be still on the beach. It calls us to walk along the shore and dabble our feet in the water. We are enticed to run and be playful. It beckons us to move and movement restores life.

With physical movement, we free up stuck emotions and restore the flow of chi, the ribbons of meridian energy which wrap invisibly in and around the body. For me, “movement” is more than just the physical articulation of the body. It is the opposite of “stuck”; physically stuck, emotionally stuck, creatively stuck, mentally stuck, financially stuck, spiritually stuck. To keep moving means to keep learning, keep growing, keep loving, keep doing whatever it takes to stay vital and alive.

So the antidote for “stuckness” is movement. Movement results in change. It has to, because you cannot move and still be in the same place. But change is scary so we don’t move and we’re once again… stuck. The solution is to make small friendly changes, something small enough to weave into your normal day, like playing with the dog for ten minutes every afternoon. You could start a success journal to lift your mood or rearrange a space in your home. They say it takes 66 days to form a habit. If you changed just one small thing every day, you will have made 66 changes in 66 days. You may have set a new habit, but you will definitely have created enough movement to effect a change. I challenge you to start today. Fearlessly embrace change,

Keep moving…