My Reality is the Echo of my Thoughts

What is the first thing you think about in the morning? Is it a new fresh thought or is it a well-used hand-me-down echoing from yesterday? Have you noticed that we tend to pick up the thread from where we were yesterday. It takes a moment or two to adjust to the new day before reality hits and I am back on the treadmill of my life. With a sinking feeling in my stomach I mentally check through my “to do” list and my “where am I at” list. I am instantly catapulted back to all the resistance and dis-ease that I left behind the night before, as I slipped into the delicious comfort of sleep. The new day echoes the tune of the day before, and so my reality is the echo of my thoughts.

Allowing the space for creativity to bubble up…

I have found that I can practice a wake up thought to set a different tone for my day. Something like “New day, new chance to start over…” I listen to something inspirational or meditate for a while. Sometimes, as I linger in this gentle space, I receive inspiring thoughts or ideas. And so it was, one morning in December, as I lay pondering the Law of Attraction workshop I was presenting later that morning. I was prepared and settled and ready; my Power Point was complete and I was comfortable with the content. As I lay listening to the early morning greeting of birdsong and the faraway sound of waves on the beach, a new thought slipped into my mind… my reality is the echo of my thoughts.

My reality is the echo of my thoughts…

The Law of Attraction states; that which is likened to itself is drawn. I can stand on a mountain and shout a greeting to the quiet peaks which surround me. The cliffs and valleys will echo my greeting as the sound waves bounce around, dancing through space and returning my words to me, just the way I uttered them, but multiplied in number.

Thoughts are words that I am thinking. They are potential energy which may become words, or not. The frequency of my thoughts goes out, just as my call to the mountains, and just as my words echo back to me, so my thoughts echo back in what I see and what I perceive. For instance, if I think I am unworthy then that is what I see in my world, many times over. If I think I don’t have enough, I see not enough all around me. I see the echoes of my thoughts. I may be surrounded by abundance but I only see what I think about, which is the lack.

If I shout “Hellooo….” to the hills, I cannot have echoes returning with “How are you?” Similarly, I cannot fear disease and be surrounded by vitality. At some point those echoes of fear will be bouncing back into my reality, as echoes do, many times over.

Begin your day with uplifting thoughts…

I find myself thinking twice about what I think now. Is this what I want echoing back to me? Can I think of this differently? What would I prefer? Starting my day with uplifting thoughts means that, somewhere, that upliftment is going to echo back into my reality. Since I repeat the thoughts I had yesterday, because I am human and that is what I do, then I would like those thoughts to be amazing and uplifting.

Let 2021 be a year of growth. Remember it as the year you moved to a more conscious way of life. May the echoes of good feeling thoughts fill your world, bouncing back to you through space, multiplied many times over. Your reality is the echo of your thoughts. Choose carefully, change your reality and as always, Keep Moving…

Birds of my Mind

Mornings in Barrydale are melodic with the cheery greetings of a variety of birds. The chirps, warbles and tweets of the garden birds compete with the wistful call of distant guinea fowl, roosters crowing and the cry of peacocks. This morning there was an urgent gathering of weavers, sun-birds, bishop birds, doves and a robin in the shrubs below my window. The plants were alive with hopping, chattering birds. I learnt as a child to look closely at these gatherings to see who was causing such a cacophony. It may be a cat, or a mongoose, but could just as well be a snake.

It is a strange feeling, investigating such a gathering. Physically you go into fight and flight with your head telling you to move in one direction, towards the noise, while your legs want to carry you in the opposite direction for fear of finding a snake. Boomslangs and cobras, both very toxic, are common in Barrydale so you find your eyeballs hopping all over the place. Do you look in the bushes or on the ground? You find yourself walking like a chameleon: pick up a foot, wait to check three times where to put your next step, even when you are on the lawn, afraid you may step on a snake. Relief floods the body when you find a fat, furry cat stalking through the flower bed. The worst is when you spot the sleek, scaled ribbon of snake, grateful that you know where it is but flooded by the extra surge of adrenaline which your body kindly supplies for your rapid retreat. There are times when you find nothing, when the gathering of excited birds abruptly adjourns and they fly away to continue with their day. I like to call these twittering gatherings bird parties, though it may be better to call them bird parliaments, as they seem very worked up about what appears to be nothing.

There is a big shift towards conscious living on our planet and we often hear about mindfulness, meditation and the importance of controlling our thoughts. My mind is a part of me, just as my hand or foot is a part of me, but it isn’t all of me. My mind is there to keep me safe, to warn me of danger, even when I can’t see it, like a party of garden birds, chirping and twittering in the bushes. A word, a situation or an event can send my thoughts into frenzy, crowding my head with scenarios and scripts of what I will say, twitters and squawks of warning from the birds of my mind. My neurology cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined so my body goes into fight or flight and I start to do a mental chameleon walk because I know I am going to find a “snake”. I jump to the worst case scenario immediately. My blood chemistry changes as the adrenaline and cortisol feed my need to take on the threat or to run. This happens many times in a day, sometimes for hours but often just for minutes or even just seconds. The birds of my mind may well be right, there may be a snake in the bush but sometimes it is just a fat cat or most often, just a bird party which calms and melts away after a while.

Mindfulness is about knowing the difference between a real threat and a bird party. When I find myself in the metaphysical bushes, hunting a snake, I take a deep breath, centre myself. I thank the birds of my mind for their warnings and then I take control of my thoughts. I decide whether the threat is real or if it is the makings of my imagination and I take appropriate action, facing the threat or dismissing it as the bird party it is. Being mindful, noticing what you are thinking and knowing that you have the ultimate control over what you think, can make the difference between being in a state of constant stress and worry, and staying calm and centred.

Until next time, stay mindful, be conscious and Keep Moving…