Specialised kinesiology

Specialised Kinesiology is an alternative healing modality which uses a wide variety of techniques to enhance health and vitality.

Ill-health and dis-ease can sometimes be difficult to resolve. We have gotten so caught up in our modern world, with modern medicine, that we have forgotten that there may be another way, a different path up the mountain to health. Do you ever feel like you are trying to tighten the screws of health with a hammer?

As a kinesiologist, I use muscle testing as a biofeedback system to set up communication with your body. Rather like a systems analyst, I use the muscle testing to find exactly what information your body needs in order to heal itself. This form of energy healing is non-invasive and gentle with none of the side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

We all have the power to heal ourselves. Specialised Kinesiology restores the balance your system needs in order to heal naturally.

Neural Organisation Technique ( N.O.T.)

N.O.T. is the work of the late Dr Carl Ferreri, combining aspects of Applied Kinesiology, Sacro Occipital work and Oriental medicine. N.O.T aims to get your neurological pathways functioning optimally.

It takes less than 1 second to trigger the stress response, the survival mechanism for external threat. In primitive times, external threat would have been a rampaging elephant or hungry lion. Running away was our only solution, so as soon as we reacted to the danger, the blood would drain for the right and front portions of brain. Blood flow would be directed from the digestive system to the arms and legs, for maximum oxygen and energy to run. The immune system, our internal survival system, would shut down, maximising energy to run or fight. The body would be flooded with adrenaline, effectively going into turbo boost, and we would run, climb a tree or fight for dear life. This response is what we know today as the fight/flight response.

The threat from lions and elephants has long gone, but the body still responds to external threat in exactly the same way. And it happens many times a day. External threat comes from every direction in modern life: a bad driver on the road, the nagging telephone, the person who pushes your buttons. But we don’t get to run away or fight anymore, so there is no way to burn off the chemicals of Turbo Boost and reset the body. We stay in fight/flight, day in and day out. It becomes so familiar that we don’t even feel particularly stressed anymore. The base line has shifted, we move from stressed, to highly stressed and back.

We are living in survival, with a suboptimal digestive system, an immune system which is barely functioning and a brain which struggles to see new options and solutions.

N.O.T. restores normal body function, effectively resetting the trip switches of stress. Many of the physical symptoms we are suffering from are, in fact, by-products of stress.

The N.O.T. protocol also includes cranial work, which impacts learning difficulties and behavioural and emotional imbalance and muscle co-ordination.


Really genuinely grateful to feel my body letting go and aligning myself during and after the session. Feeling lighter, freed up and more ready and able to go forwards with my life missions and tasks. Thank you. – SA

Emotional Kinesiology

This protocol is compiled and written by South African, Gudrun Lauterbach, and was reviewed and edited by Andrew Verity, Director of Neuro-Training (Pty) Ltd.


“What we still REACT to, we have not RECUPERATED from” – Andrew Verity

We think about 70 000 thoughts a day, and most of those thoughts, about 90% of them, are the same thoughts you had yesterday. Every thought you have, stimulates certain neurons in the brain which results in a release of chemicals in the body. This cocktail of chemicals gives us a feeling, or what we know as an emotion. Emotions are just energy in motion, neither good nor bad, just energy. It’s when we attach value to that energy that things begin to go awry. We lump together an emotion with a perception and an event – and this could become a problem.

6 year old Sally accidently drops her cup of milk on the floor. Mum, who has had a very trying day, snaps at her and Sally immediately perceives herself to be not good enough and she feels terribly sad.  She has now connected dropping her milk with her perception of not being good enough and feeling sad. Fast forward 30 years, Sally has constant sinus which is exacerbated by dairy. She finds the constant sinus to be exhausting and she feels depressed. If you questioned her, you may find that underlying the depression is an emotion of feeling not good enough.

Emotions are the cause of 90% of all dis-ease. In Emotional Kinesiology, we de-fuse the emotion from perception and event. Think of yourself dragging a pile of suitcases around with you, your life’s worth of baggage. With each balance we are able to clip away a portion of that baggage, lightening the load, releasing the old and allowing space for the new.

Emotional Kinesiology is also used to help emotional stress reactions including allergies, compulsions, phobias and addictions.

“We can’t create a new future while we’re living in our past. It’s simply impossible.” 
Joe DispenzaYou Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Neuro Training 

Neuro-Training is a solution oriented process which was developed by Australian Andrew Verity, an NLP master. It is used to retrain the nervous system to function more appropriately by de-fusing limiting patterns, emotions and behaviour, much of which may be inherited patterns.  

Your brain’s primary function is to keep you alive. It will do anything it needs to, to ensure your survival, but can only do what has worked before. The problem arises when the solution or neurological option is not optimal, resulting in a physical pain or dis-ease. This is how patterns repeat, how we get stuck in the past. Using Neuro-Training, it is possible to give the neurology a different option, a better option or solution, freeing up energy which was being spent on fears, anxieties and compensations, so that you can do life differently.


“When you think from your past memories, you can only create past experiences.” 
Joe DispenzaBreaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One


Touch for Health

 Touch for Health was developed by the late Dr John Thie, a Chiropractor, using Applied Kinesiology techniques first developed by George Goodheart.

Touch for health is the basis of most kinesiology systems but also is a standalone energy healing modality. In this protocol you are working with the 12 basic muscle meridians. Each meridian involves certain muscles and an organ according to the Chinese 5 Element Theory. Any imbalance in the meridians results in imbalances in health, manifesting as pain, injury, dis-ease, emotional upset and stress.

Touch for Health balances are goal specific. They help you to clarify and accomplish any goals you may have by identifying which meridian systems are not supporting your goal, and balancing them using neurovascular points on the head, neurolymphatic points (acupressure points), colour, sound or spinal reflex points.

“You know why it’s hard to be happy—it’s because we refuse to LET GO of the things that make us sad.” 
Bruce H. LiptonThe Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles