I prefer to see Pilates as Conscious Movement, not exercise.  It’s meditative in that all your attention is turned inward, to muscles and bones, stability and mobility, what to hold and what to move. We strive for ease of movement and precision, fluidity and breath. 

When you Allow Space by focusing on alignment, movement becomes easier, with less pain, and space allows your meridian energy to flow. Pain is always an over-energy. Allowing energy to flow brings relief from pain.

All the basic meridians drain to the Urinary Bladder Meridian which runs down each side of the spine. As you flex the spine from the top and then from the bottom, you clear blockages and Restore Balance to the entire energetic body. Strengthening stabilisers also improves you physical balance. Feeling balanced physically will shift you to feeling more balanced emotionally. Mind, body and spirit are intertwined. When you balance any of these three aspects it affects the others automatically.

Improving alignment and increasing the flow of meridian energy will change how you feel. Your mood will lift and your body will move easier. With time, a comfortable body will become your new normal. Pilates WILL cause you to shift. The physical work will transform you from feeling stuck to a space where it becomes easier to  Embrace Change.


“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” – Joseph Pilates


Pilates is a maintenance system for your body. If done regularly, it will loosen stiffness and increase range of movement. Your physical body will not be bullied. It will fight back. Change is not demanded, it is coaxed, gently. You have to work with the body you were given.

Each person follows their own unique repertoire, doing what is best for their unique challenges. The exercises are gentle but progressions will challenge those students who are more advanced in their practice. Allow yourself the time and the space to condition your body.


Tuesdays and Thursdays

09h00 SAST

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates


“From personal experience, I would definitely recommend Pilates as a long term cure for lumbar disc herniation. For me Pilates  is an excellent rehabilitation programme addressing the complications arising from  my back problem. Focusing on core muscle strength, as well as breathing,  it works on more than one level to alleviate pain and normalize function”.                                                                            

– JCB, General Practitioner

“I joined  Pilates about 18 months ago, after suffering with a stiff neck for about 5 years. The chiropractor and the physiotherapist gave temporary relief but the ache was constant and whenever I turned my head, my whole body would go with it. I have been doing Pilates regularly each week and just recently discovered that I can if fact, now turn my neck quite comfortably and easily, and can only thank the Pilates sessions for alleviating this problem. I am quite sure the neck and shoulder exercises have strengthened the muscles as my body feels more flexible now and I always feel better after a session”. 

– KB

“Ek is vir baie jare ‘n artritislyer.  Ek het baie pyn en my gewrigte is ongemaklik seer.  Ek neem gereeld pynmedikasie daarvoor. ‘n Tydjie gelede het ek kennis gemaak met Pilates oefenige en ek was so verbaas hoe dit my gehelp  het.  Die pyn het nie verdwyn nie, maar ek kan heelwat makliker beweeg.  Wanneer ‘n mens soveel pyn het is jy geneig om die spiere stywer te trek om te kan beweeg.  Wat die Pilates my geleer het is om die kleiner spiertjies weer te gebruik en te oefen, sodat ek meer beweeglikheid in my liggaam kan hê. Die oefeninge word met min inspanning gedoen, maar die resultate is wonderlik. Ek kan dit regtig aanbeveel. Daar is nie werklik iets wat help om artritis gesond te maak nie, maar hierdie oefeninge help om alles ‘n bietjie makliker te doen en hanteer. Baie dankie vir Pilates en Rochelle wat dit met soveel liefde, vriendelikheid en professionaliteit aanbied”.                                    

– Narita