Breuss Massage is named after its founder, Rudolf Breuss, an old Austrian healer. It is usually used in conjunction with the Dorn Technique.

This gentle, energetic massage is applied down the full length of the spine. Because the focus is the spine, there is no painful rubbing out of muscle knots. Breuss Massage stretches, energises and soothes the spine, much like a full night’s sleep would do. All the basic energetic meridians drain into the Urinary Bladder Meridian which runs down the length of the spine on both sides. Blockages of the energy may occur along the spine causing a build-up of energy or “over energy”. Breuss Massage helps to remove these blockages and restore meridian energy flow. This is a 30 minute treatment which includes a neurovascular balance, leaving you relaxed and centred. It is safe and gentle enough for use on people suffering from osteoporosis or those in great pain. Breuss Massage can safely be used daily, without the need for recuperation time between treatments.

Please note:  St John’s Wort oil is used for this massage. Please inform me of any sensitivities or contra-indications.