Over the years I have spent many hours coaching people in dance, Pilates and karate. But through all of it I have seen a need for “Life Coaching”. There is no manual for life, for how to deal with difficult situations or where to draw the line with people who take advantage, especially family.  I felt the need to study further so I could help people more, with more expertise.

I remember a song from childhood… “I joined the navy, to see the world, what did I see? I saw the sea…” I studied life coaching to help the world, and what did I learn? I learnt about me.

Many of our issues are not about other people, boundaries or bad luck. Our issues stem from how we do our own lives, the rules we live by, our perceptions, beliefs, values and more than anything else, our own inertia. We continually seek approval from the outside world instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. We are too much in our heads, remembering, thinking and planning but never really doing.  We are more “connected” than ever before with all the social media available but somehow we are less supported. We all could do with a life coach. We all could do with a person who holds us accountable, who challenges us to be better, to do more and to embrace change.

A life coach is like a jogging buddy.  You are more likely to get your butt out of bed if someone is waiting for you to go jogging with them.  We can always find an excuse to skip an exercise session but it’s not so easy to explain away your laziness to someone else. So you get up and go jogging because your buddy is holding you accountable.

In life coaching you set a goal, something you want to achieve, be it a new business or a healthier lifestyle. The goal gets broken down into actionable pieces, steps which lead to your goal. Throughout the process you have the support and guidance of your coach, someone holding you accountable. Left to our own devises, we never really get around to doing what needs to be done to achieve a goal. It’s easy to get distracted and side tracked, to think life turns against us and that we are doomed to always have bad luck, when actually, we have not done the necessary work to get where we want to be.


“No one is fixed until they make the effort to change.” ―  Bruce H. LiptonThe Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles


I love life coaching. There is a magic which emerges as each person finds their power. With support and encouragement, people find it easier to embrace change. And undergoing change is how we grow.


Thousands of people around the world have benefitted from the use of vision boards. This fun, interactive workshop will introduce you to the power of the Law of Attraction and the difference between a vision board and a Vibration Board. You will look at the 8 areas of life to determine which areas of your life are strong and which ones need attention. You will learn to set a goal before creating your very own Vibration Board of your goal, using cardboard and cut-outs. Why do you need a workshop to do such an easy task? Because it takes time and we are always too busy. We think about how we would like our lives to be, but we never do anything to make it happen. This workshop is the first step to changing your life.

Workshops run from 10 am to 4 pm.

Tea, coffee and nibbles will be provided.

Anyone can host a workshop. If you are interested, please contact me to arrange a date.



Rochelle’s Conscious Movement Coaching was exactly what I needed to push forward in a place where I felt stuck for years. I tried on my own to get past my block with highly motivational quotes, well laid plans with key time frames that I checked off and even had friends who held me accountable. All of my plans for getting unstuck failed, I was still stuck. I enlisted Rochelle as my Coach and she helped me create a well laid step by step plan as road map. My goal that took years to accomplish was done with Rochelle in only 3 months. Rochelle’s process was clear, upbeat and motivational, enlightening and insightful, deeply encouraging and oh so very personal. Her flexibility, openness and refreshing humor made the coaching experience priceless. In addition to helping me reach my goal, Rochelle helped me better understand my intrinsic value and deeply held beliefs, all of which allowed me to have a variety of experiences on my journey which all contributed to a more positive outlook in my life and well-being. I have highly recommended Rochelle’s Conscious Living Coaching to my family and friends, it’s worth it!

  • Blessings, Jen      (Boston, USA)