Conscious Movement.

Conscious Movement is a tool box of techniques and strategies which can be used to overcome the dis-ease and pain of “stuckness”.

Movement is essential for the human body. We move in the womb before we ever take our first breath. Emotions are energy in motion. Breath, heartbeat, blood circulation and lymph drainage are all forms of movement which we don’t think about. We start our lives as perfect little beings, wiggling and gurgling and taking in all that surrounds us, soaking it up like a sponge as we form our subconscious. Life being what it is, we get hurt physically, emotionally and mentally; a nasty word here, an embarrassment there, here a trauma, there an accident, perhaps an argument which leaves us feeling inferior or sad. Slowly over time we close down pieces of ourselves to protect us from the “pain”. We become stuck in habits of thought and the feelings those thoughts generate. This may affect us mentally as foggy brain, learning disabilities or dyslexia. Our “pain” may be emotional; we find ourselves suffering with depression or anxiety, heart ache or aggression. Physically we may experience pain, injury or degeneration. All of these categories of “pain” affect the electricity, or energy, which runs through and around us. We become stuck and that “stuckness” may eventually develop into pathology. But pills and potions are not your only option. They don’t help to clear the habits we have formed to numb the pain of life.

I started my journey with Pilates. We learned to resolve scoliosis, for example, by stretching the short side of the curve and strengthen the long side. But in practice, I found this was not always a solution. In Dorn Technique we were taught how to slide the vertebrae into place using movement and permission. It works beautifully, but is not always a solution, the new alignment doesn’t always hold. I needed to know more. The muscle testing and protocols of Specialised Kinesiology enable you to access the subconscious, to find the root cause of your dis-ease and to offer your being a better way of doing life. In Life Coaching you learn how you react to the world, the importance of self-responsibility for health and happiness, how finding your purpose and reclaiming your personal, inner power get you out of “stuckness” and into flow once more.

Conscious Movement offers multiple solutions because we are all different and there are many paths up the mountain of healing. Some people don’t like to discuss what they are feeling, so there are protocols which help emotional “stuckness” in other ways. Some people like to move and find Pilates is a good solution. Someone else may find the fascial release of massage resolves their pain while others find their healing in the process of Life Coaching, through finding their Inner power.

All the work has a scientific basis. This means it is safe for people of all ages, from all cultural and religious backgrounds.
So if you have tried everything you know, perhaps it’s time to try something new. Contact me for a free chat so we can discuss how best for you to move forward with new knowledge and understanding (that’s the Conscious part of Conscious Movement) so that your “pain” can heal.