Conscious Movement.

All dis-ease is a result of being stuck.

When we are stuck in old thought patterns, dis-ease may display as boredom or overwhelm, difficulty in making decisions, trying to control life by overthinking, brain fog, not completing tasks.

Physical injury and pain are often caused by being stuck in the habit of a specific movement pattern. Emotional stuck-ness may show up as anxiety, depression and reaction, a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs.

Energetic stuck-ness may lead to pain. Meridian energy wraps around the body like rivers. Once blocked, the energy begins to dam up. We call this over-energy. Pain is always over-energy. The resulting lack of energy in other parts of the body may also be the cause of dis-ease of various types.

We get stuck feeling not good enough without understanding why we feel this way. We get stuck in fear even though we are safe. We get stuck feeling like a victim, that life is not fair but we don’t have the power to change it. We get stuck in the monotony of the habits of our lives, our relationships and our work.

Conscious Movement offers various protocols and strategies for getting moving again, re-establishing flow. You will need to make a conscious decision to change the way things are. This involves commitment and often, the discomfort and the fear which accompany change. But the Conscious Movement processes are safe and gentle.  You will never be asked to take on more than you can manage. Change, facing the unknown, is always scary but if what you have been doing has not got you out of being stuck, then change is what you need. Whether you need to get moving mentally, emotionally, physically or energetically, I am here to facilitate, support and encourage you through your healing process, you are not alone. I will be there to accompany you while you do the work but you are always in control, you choose what you need and how you heal.

Conscious Movement is the conscious, deliberate process of doing life differently, making the changes you require so that you can live up to your full potential.